At our eco store, we specialize in handmade elephant dung  paper craft supplies for a wide range of crafting needs. We sell three type of variable thickness paper collection to crafters around the world.

  • Paper –scrap booking (90-125)g/m²
  • Medium range paper –greeting cards (130-200) g/m²
  • Paper boards –post cards (200-350) g/m²

Our Green Products
Set of Small Note Books

Set of Medium Note Books

Large Note Books

Heart Shape Memo Pads

Letter Writing Pads

Paper Dispenser

Set of Pencil Boxes

Memo Pds

Set of Photo Frames

Single Photo Frames

Long Note Pad

Large Wire Bound Note Pads

Small Wire Bound Note Pads

Paper Pad Collection

Square Shape Memo Pads

Square Shape Memo Cubes

Rattan Note Pads

Hand-Made Flower Paper Bag

Desktop Calender

Set of A4 Papers

Elephant Twin Note Pads

Go Green Collection Ceylonese collection
  • Brochures
  • Bags
  • Memo boxes
  • Calendars
  • Albums
  • Greeting cards
  • Wire bound note books
  • Paper cube
  • Paper dispenser
  • A4 paper
  • Photo frames
  • Eco-Pen holder
  • Envelopes
  • Albums
  • Photo frames
  • Coasters
  • Note holders
  • Note books
  • Coconut candle
  • Handmade pencils

Production Schedules:

  1. Samples development can take a production time of 2 weeks. However, in case of urgent needs, shorter turnarounds are also possible.
  2. Production of orders would largely depend on the quantum of the order provided. However, the minimum lead times are from 3 weeks to 6 weeks.


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